Care Homes

This page aims to provide information to Care Homes regarding medication. There are links to essential documents. To help Care Home staff, the “Three main points” of each document have been summarised. However, if Care Home Staff are able to do so, then it is recommended that the entire document is consulted.

Homely Remedies Policy

RMOC Homely Remedy Policy Template

This policy ensure that if homely remedies are used within a care home, then staff are aware of the circumstances of when appropriate administration can be made, and who can administer. The policy should be used as a framework to ensure the provision of safe and timely treatments for commonly presented minor conditions. 

Please also be aware of national guidance on Care homes as detailed below

NICE GUIDANCE – Management of Medicines in Care Homes

NICE has published guidance on the Management of Medicines in Care Homes. The guideline considers all aspects of managing medicines in Care Homes and recommends that all Care Home providers have a Care Home Medicines Policy. The policy should ensure that processes are in place for safe and effective use of medicines in the Care Home. Sections of the guideline provide recommendations for different aspects of managing medicines covered by the Care Home Medicines Policy.

The Care Quality Commission – Essential Standards of Quality and Safety

This is designed to help providers of Health and Adult Social Care to comply with the Health and Social Care Act.