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Supply Problems

If you are aware of any supply problems and require any support then please contact your medicines management locality practice pharmacist or technician 

  • British Menopause Society update on HRT supply shortages | 9 August 2019

  • Ranitidine Supply Issues | December 2019

Updated alerts SDA-2019-005-U.pdf and SDA-2019-005U2.pdf regarding the supply disruption of ranitidine have been issued, after a contaminant NDMA had been found in ranitidine samples. The MHRA instructed suppliers of both oral and injectable ranitidine in the UK to quarantine all affected, unreleased stock at manufacturer level whilst investigations were taking place.

In summary, ranitidine tablets, effervescent tablets, oral solution are expected to be out of stock with no date for resupply until further notice. Ranitidine injection is now back in stock and supplies are available to order from wholesalers.

There may be extremely limited supplies of oral preparations remaining in wholesalers and pharmacies, which have not been recalled by MHRA, and these can still be supplied. There should be no new patients initiated on treatment with ranitidine oral products. 

Prescribers are advised to review all repeat prescriptions as they are requested. Where possible, treatment should be reviewed and if ongoing treatment is required then patients should be switched to alternatives, such as an alginate or PPI. Omeprazole is the preferred PPI as there should be sufficient stock to match demand. Where possible, patients should not be switched to an alternative H2RA as this will put strain on the supply chain. There are now short-term supply problems with H2RAs.

The Acute Trust will review all patients at discharge to ensure they are not recommending, or discharging patients on, ranitidine. 

Children and Neonates

Clinican advice on alternatives to oral ranitine in children has been produced by UK Medicines Information. For details please go to SDA-2019-005U2.pdf

For advice from Alder Hey please click here

Leaflets for patients/carers and children, on lansoprazole and omeprazole can be found here

Pan Mersey guideline on management of GORD in children and young people can be accessed here

  • Diamorphine supply issues MHRA update | February 2020

There are two suppliers of diamorphine hydrochloride 5mg and 10mg in the UK. One supplier is currently out of stock and one is expected to be out of stock shortly. This alert contains advice on the management of affected patients and includes an additional document from UK Medicines Information.