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How to Order Repeat Prescriptions in Wirral


GP practices do not accept repeat prescription requests from pharmacies.

You (or your carer or nominated family member/friend) must order your repeat prescription from your GP practice.

Pharmacies are still able to collect prescriptions from GP practices; receive prescriptions electronically and, if available, deliver medications and other items to your home. Please speak to your pharmacy directly about the services they provide.

What is a repeat prescription?

repeat prescription allows you to get your regular medication without having to see a doctor each time.

There are different ways for patients to order their repeat prescriptions.

Some patients manage their own repeat prescriptions by placing their requests with their GP Practice or by ordering them via a mobile APP or online.

How do I order my prescription from the GP?

You (or your carer/nominated family member/friend) will have to order the repeat prescription from your GP practice.

The prescription will need to be ordered using one of the following options:

  1. Mobile applications - Free mobile apps, such as NHS APP (which is the preferred app), Patient Access or MyGP, are available to download on your smartphone. Once downloaded you can order your repeat prescriptions from the mobile app.  
  2. Ordering online – at some practices you can order via their website.  It is easier than you think, and the practice will help you to set this up.
  3. Drop off or post the order slip into your GP practice - the order slip is the white, tear off part of your repeat prescription.  Select only the items you need. If you don’t have your slip, please put your request in writing listing the medications you require (this should include the full name and strength). 
  4. Email - Some practices also allow you to email repeat prescription requests.n requests.

Practices are unable to take prescription requests over the phone as mistakes are more likely due to:

  • Confusion with drug name pronunciation
  • Errors made when writing out the request

If you're unable to order your repeat prescription yourself

If you’re unable to order your repeat prescription yourself speak to your GP practice for further advice and support.  This may include authorising, were appropriate, for you to use a pharmacy to place repeat prescription requests on your behalf.

Community Pharmacies

Community pharmacies provide a number of services:

  • Collect prescriptions from GP practices
  • Receive prescriptions electronically
  • Deliver medications and other prescribed items to you

Always speak to your pharmacy first to check which services they provide.

Care Home

In line with the CCG repeat ordering policy, and best practice, care homes must order their residents repeat prescription medication directly with the GP practice. Requests cannot be accepted direct from pharmacies.  Care homes can use Proxy Access to order medication from the GP practice.  For further support regarding care home Proxy Access please email the Wirral Medicines Management and Optimisation team on  For further information please refer to:

Key Messages for Patients/Carers/Nominated Family Member or Friend

The quickest and easiest way to order repeat medication is via the NHS APP or other mobile applications.

  1. Check how many days of medication you have left before ordering your medication.
  2. You will need to order your repeat medication from your GP practice when you have 7 days of medication left
  3. It usually takes the GP practice 2 working days to issue a prescription.
  4. Once the pharmacy receives your prescription it can take them 48 hours to prepare it.
  5. Remember to only order the medication you need for the month.
  6. You don’t need to order medication every month for it to stay on repeat prescription.
  7. If you would like your prescription to be sent electronically then speak to your usual pharmacy or GP practice.
  8. Speak to your pharmacy about what services they offer e.g., prescription collection and delivery.
  9. Please speak to your GP practice if you are unable to order your repeat medication yourself, or you don’t have someone else who can help you, or if your circumstances change.

Does your medication run out at different times?

If you have to order prescriptions at different times during the month and you would like to be able to order them all together once a month please speak to your GP practice as they will be able to help you.

How to get more help

If you feel you might need support ordering your repeat prescription or you know someone who might need help; please contact the Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) on:

The PALS service is open Monday-Friday 9am - 4.30pm.

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