Wirral Health Economy joined Pan Mersey APC in January 2018. We are currently in an interim period of merging the two formularies. Please be aware there will be pathways and guidelines on the Pan Mersey APC website that were approved prior to Wirral joining Pan Mersey APC.

The guidelines in the table below have been approved via the local decision making committees and where relevant NICE and other national guidance has been taken into account.

Applications for new medicines 

For Cheshire & Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust guidelines and policies relating to Mental Health, please visit; and scroll down the page to policies. Under category please select ‘Medicines Management’ and press search to show the list of the current CWP Medicines Management policies.

Individual Funding Requests

Medicines within tariff are the responsibility of hospital trusts to fund. There are a number of drugs excluded from the tariff (PbR Excluded drugs) where Primary Care are charged separately.

For PbR excluded drugs outside NICE guidance and local guidelines, individual funding requests will be considered by the Individual Funding Request Team.

Medicine across Wirral Health Economy


Please see Pan Mersey Formulary website for Antibiotic guidelines


Oral Anticoagulant (VKA and DOAC) Guidelines for Prescribing Monitoring and Management

Anticoagulant (Oral) - High INR Pathway (under review)

Self-testing of INR – Patient/Practice Agreement (for Adaptation by Individual Practice) (under review)

Atrial fibrillation:

The Pan Mersey APC recommends in the absence of a specific clinical reason to select a particular DOAC, that the least costly DOAC is the first line DOAC for patients with non-valvular AF. Currently this is edoxaban. 

Apixaban Checklist (under review)

Dabigatran Checklist (under review)

Edoxaban Checklist (under review)

Rivaroxaban Checklist (under review)

Apixaban Leaflet 

Dabigatran Leaflet 

Edoxaban Leaflet 

Rivaroxaban Leaflet 

For other Patient Information Leaflets and Patient Alert Cards, please contact the individual manufacturers:

Apixaban – Pfizer: or phone 0800 7311736
Dabigatran – Boehringer Ingelheim: Order online or
phone 01344 742579
Rivaroxaban - Bayer: or phone 01635 563116

Edoxaban – Daiichi-Sankyo: or phone 08000285122


Apixaban Checklist (VTE and PE) (under review)

Dabigatran Checklist (VTE and PE) (under review)

Edoxaban Checklist (VTE and PE) (under review)

Rivaroxaban Checklist (VTE and PE) (under review)

Antidepressant Prescribing Guidance for Adults
C Difficilie Information Sheet
Contraceptive Guideline

COPD Self Management Plan

COPD Clinician Rescue Pack Information

COPD Patient Rescue Pack Information

COPD Top Tips


Diabetes - Blood Glucose Meters Guideline

Insulin Comparison and Identification Guide

Flash Glucose Monitor (FreeStyle Libre)



Template Primary Care Information

Template Initiation Information to Primary Care

Template Continuation Information to Primary Care

Template Patient Contract

Insulin: Reducing Errors in Prescribing and Administration
Lipid Lowering


Guidelines for Managing Malnutrition in Adults in the Community

Wirral CCG Food First Patient Leaflet

Food First Diet Sheet

NSAIDs in Arthritis and Osteoarthritis in Adults
Palliative Care Symptoms guideline (NW Coast SCN)


Prescribing Guidelines for Stoma Appliances and Accessories

Thickeners for Dysphagia GP Fact Sheet

Wound Care

Prescribing Tips Silver Dressings

Wound Care Formulary

Wound Care Supplies for Patients under the Care of Wirral Community Nurses

Wirral Wound Care Non-Formulary Exception Reporting Form

Please Note: Documents which are past their review date will only remain on the website if they are still clinically relevant. Some secondary care policies are also included here, where relevant to primary care and where there are links within in formulary chapters.