About ScriptSwitch

ScriptSwitch is a computer program that interacts with GP Clinical Systems and operates at the point of prescribing to promote rational prescribing choices and adherence to local guidelines.

ScriptSwitch message profile - how often are prices checked?

The ScriptSwitch lead undertakes monthly reports of any switches in the local ScriptSwitch message profile that result in negative savings, following monthly national updates to prices. These ScriptSwitch messages are locally amended to maintain cost effective choices. The ScriptSwitch profile is amended centrally and uploaded automatically on to GP Clinical Systems. There would be no value in undertaking these updates more frequently than monthly because prices are amended monthly via the drug tariff and MIMS.

For further information download ScriptSwitch Overview 

Recent updates

The most recent additions to the ScriptSwitch recommendation profile are messages on Unlicensed Medicines or ‘Specials’. Messages have been included on all of the most expensive and most commonly prescribed items. Where possible we have included switches to alternative medicines. Where this has not been possible information messages have been added highlighting the cost and giving alternative choices included licensed alternatives, licensed alternatives used in an unlicensed manner and less expensive unlicensed alternatives on the National Specials Tariff. For more specials guidance visit our guidelines section of the website.

Contact details

ScriptSwitch provide support for all users and practice via a dedicated Customer Support Team. Please inform the Customer Support Team immediately if you have:

  • New PCs installed
  • New server installed
  • New clinical system
  • Queries relating to Central Reporting or to reset your password

Tel: 02476 214700 or email

If you would like to give feedback or make suggestions about any ScriptSwitch messages please contact Gerardine Draper (Medicines Management Team) Cheshire and Merseyside Commissioning Support Unit 
Tel: 0151 541 5390 or email:

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Supporting documents

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