Medicines Enquiry Service

The Wirral Medicines Management website is a very useful resource and enquirers are urged to check it first before submitting a query. 

The Wirral Medicines Enquiry Service is for all practice staff working within NHS Wirral CCG. The service is managed by the Wirral Medicines Management and Optimisation Team (MMOT). Please check BNF/BNFC and Wirral Medicines Management Website before submitting an enquiry.

A pharmacist from the MMOT is available to answer medicine enquires on:

  • Prescribing of specials
  • Prescribing of medication in the Wirral formulary
  • Local prescribing guidelines, shared care guidelines and RAG list

The service is available Monday to Friday 9:30 am to 4.00pm. 

The contact details are 

Non urgent responses may take up to two working days.

For enquires concerning the prescribing of specials please complete the following form, Wirral Medicines Enquiry query form and submit via e-mail.

Queries from patients

If you are a Wirral patient and you have a query about your medicines or how to take them, your GP or community pharmacist would be best placed to respond. However should you require any advice regarding local prescribing policies after discussion with your GP, please contact this ME service. 

Queries on hospital recommendations

Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust MI service will answer GP queries on the care recommended by the hospital e.g. on discharge letters or following out-patient appointments. All other medicines enquiries should be directed to the NHS Wirral service. 

If queries remain unresolved from any hospital please contact the NHS Wirral Medicines Enquiry service. Should GPs have concerns with hospital prescribing e.g. regarding non formulary prescribing recommendations or medicines supply issues, please contact the Medicines Enquiry service if urgent advice is needed or report the concern via the hospital reporting system.

Queries for patients under the care of a Wirral specialist service 

Please refer back to specialist service for advice, e.g. nutritional supplements refer to dietetics and dressings to the tissue viability service. Please follow refer to Wirral Medicines Enquiry Service flow chart

North West Medicines Information Centre

For all clinical medicines advice, complex medicine queries or for medication in the following: breast feeding, children, drug interactions, pregnancy, poisoning, etc.

This is an NHS funded resource for all doctors, nurses and allied health professionals.

The service is available from Monday – Friday   8.30am  to 5.00pm

The contact details are 0151 794 8117 or