Hospital Concerns

Why is this important?

Taking the time to report your concerns will ensure the Medicines Management Team are aware of problems with hospital prescribing and these are addressed to prevent further occurrences and so improve patient care.

Please use the form below to report any concerns with hospital prescribing or medicines supply issues. The form should be submitted electronically and can be used to report concerns for any hospital as the Medicines Management Team will co-ordinate responses.

These might be concerns such as accuracy of discharge information, requests to prescribe non-formulary or ‘RED’ medicines on discharge letters or following outpatient appointments. There is an escalation process agreed with WUTH for repeated concerns from the same prescriber.

How are individual reports followed up?

The MM Team checks the hospital response before forwarding to the GP. Importantly, they are entered onto the Trust's incident reporting database.

How will systems improve?

Trends are monitored and reported on so that processes and systems can be reviewed to prevent recurrence.

Please check all boxes are completed correctly to ensure reports can be considered in a timely manner.

Reporters are reminded to ensure the immediate clinical need of the patient is addressed before reporting the issue to ensure no patient is left without medication.

GP Reporting Process for Hospital Prescribing Issues

Pharmacy Interface Incident Quarter 2 Summary Report 2017-18