Prescribing should be in line with choices recommended in the Wirral Formulary, unless formulary choices have failed or are inappropriate for the patient. A robust process via the Wirral Drug and Therapeutics Committee determines the value of new treatments. Critical appraisal of clinical and cost effectiveness evidence and safety aspects underpins all decisions.

NICE technology appraisal recommendations
The Wirral Drug and Therapeutics Committee process ensures medicines with a positive NICE technology appraisal (TA) are automatically included in the formulary, where clinically appropriate and relevant to services provided by NHS Wirral CCG. The process has been revised to promote medicines with a positive TA being available within a 3 month period. All medicines with a positive NICE TA are prescribable, if clinically appropriate and relevant. GPs are asked to contact the Medicines Management Team for further advice if required.

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Medicines used across Wirral Health Economy
Gastro-intestinal system
Cardiovascular system
Respiratory system
Central nervous system
Endocrine system
Obstetrics & gynaecology
Urinary tract disorders
Malignant disease & immunosupression

Blood and electrolyte disorders, and vitamin deficiencies

Full blood and electrolyte June 2017

Musculoskeletal & joint diseases
Ear, nose & throat
Immunological products and vaccines
(No primary care formulary available)
(Secondary care lead. No primary care formulary available)
Wound management formulary chapter
Therapeutic drug monitoring

RAG List

Please refer to the shared care page of this website.

Application process for Wirral Formulary medicines

Primary and secondary care formulary choices are determined by the joint Wirral Drug & Therapeutics Committee. Download the Wirral Drug & Therapeutics Application Form. GPs and Consultants seeking inclusion of medicines on the formulary should complete the application form available on the GP members page.

Mental health prescribing recommendations are determined by the Medicines Management Group, Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, following approval from Wirral CCG. Please contact the Medicines Management Team if you wish to discuss the process for including new medicines.

Health Treatment Panel

Medicines within tariff are the responsibility of hospital trusts to fund. There are a number of drugs excluded from the tariff (PbR Excluded drugs) where primary care are charged separately.

For PbR excluded drugs outside NICE guidance and local guidelines, individual funding requests will be considered by the Health Treatment Panel.